New technology leads to more accurate storm tracking

Maxtrack Radar

You may have noticed new graphics as part of our Storm Track Weather coverage. But the graphics aren’t the real story.

Leading edge technology drives the new graphics, allowing Storm Track Weather to track storms with unparalleled precision. Maxtrack Radar covers the entire viewing area and provides the Storm Track Weather team the ability to pinpoint a storm cell, forecast where it will move and when, down to the precise minute. Maxtrack Radar allows multiple cells tracking, and with high resolution maps, allows the Storm Track Weather team to track the conditions down to your street. Maxtrack technology can also render 3D views of storms in real time, allowing the Storm Track Weather team to peel back the layers of a storm, to actually see the events inside a cell. The 3D technology exposes air rotation during tornadic events, and hail density during severe weather. Maxtrack can also reveal where the heaviest bands of precipitation lie, an especially important feature that helps with predicting flash floods during heavy rain events.

Kansans know better than anyone how quickly weather conditions can change. From flooding to tornadoes, residents of Northeast Kansas experience weather extremes. When severe weather strikes, you can depend on the Storm Track Weather team to bring you instant alerts on TV, online, and on your mobile device.

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