Day 1 from the Bill Self ProCamp

The first day of the Bill Self Basketball ProCamp provides kids, ages seven to 18, the opportunity to learn the game of basketball.  Not only from Coach Self, but from more than 25 of the area’s top prep basketball coaches.

Campers learn the fundamentals of passing, dribbling, and defense before taking part in various contests and events inside Allen Fieldhouse.  A visit from Sacramento King, and former Jayhawk, Ben McLemore, gives the kids an opportunity to go head-to-head with one of the NBA’s newest members.

Aside from the friendly competition and competitive spirit, McLemore provies some tips for the youngsters in attendance.

“Being able to share the ball, communicate with your teammates and stuff like that and be an all-around team player,” McLemore said.  ”Just come in here and be really prepared to work, listen and learn. There’s a lot of stuff to get feedback on, and then just going out there and playing basketball.  The game they love.”

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