Hundreds take part in Shawnee County’s Largest Workout

It’s more than just your usual push ups and crunches….hundreds came out for the 4th Annual Shawnee County’s Largest Workout.

Organizers say nearly 630 people showed up at Washburn University’s Moore Bowl for the health fair and then sweated it out with a workout on the field.

It’s an effort to get the community focused on how to eat healthy and stay fit.

Shawnee County says two of the top issues facing the community is obesity and physical activity.

They say events like tonight show people how easy it is to get active.

“Our health impacts so many different things, including health insurance costs, as an example and by making those lifestyle changes and living healthier lives, we do impact a number of different elements in our community,” Misty Kruger with the Shawnee County Health Agency said.

If you want more information on healthy resources in the community like farmers markets and exercise classes, click here.

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