SILVER ALERT: Melvin Robert Potter from Onaga

Melvin Robert Potter


The Onaga Police Department is asking for assistance locating Melvin Robert Potter.  Potter is 67 years old from Onaga, Pottawatomie, Kan.

Potter has onset of dementia.  Potter has a history of going missing.  He has in the past traveled several states and not known how he arrived or why he was there.  Potter suffers from high blood pressure and does not have his medication with him.

Potter was last seen on Friday, March 14, 2014 at 10 a.m. when he drove for a short errand.

Potter was wearing blue jeans and a red flannel shirt that has brown patches on the sleeves.  Potter wears brown boots and a brown leather belt with a belt buckle that says “Oklahoma” on it.  Potter walks with a noticeable limp due to a previous injury.

Potter was last seen driving a read and silver two tone 1996 Dodge truck bearing a Kansas license plate of 385DPQ.

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