Vote to name the Topeka Zoo’s tiger cubs

3 sisters

TOPEKA (KSNT) –  You know them as Cub One, Cub Two, and Cub Three. At 11-weeks-old and nearing their public debut, it’s time to find names for three Sumatran Tiger cubs at the Topeka Zoo.

Three cubs needing three different names means three different ways to engage the community. The cubs have grown to nearly 20 pounds each, and are getting feistier by the day!

In an effort to follow tradition of the Sumatran Tiger Species Survival Plan, zoo officials will assign symbolic Asian names to the three cubs.

To aid in the naming process, zoo staff have compiled a list of names that would be suitable replacements for One, Two and Three.

Starting today, community members can vote in an online poll for the name of the cub known affectionately as Number Three, the first cub born.

Vote online here.

The poll will remain open through Monday, July 28. Zoo visitors can also vote in person in the Topeka Zoo’s Leopard Spot Gift Shop.

Cub One is the little fighter of the group, the cub that wouldn’t have survived without intervention and supplemental feeding from zoo staff. Today, Cub One is the largest of the three.

To help find her name, Cub One will get a visit from a young girl in Topeka who has had to fight for her own life.

For those that know their stories, both girls offer much inspiration. The two will meet tomorrow afternoon and if all goes well, Cub One will have a new name by the end of tomorrow.

Cub Two will be the last one named. In an effort to make a direct impact on tiger conservation in Sumatra, the rights to help find the name for Cub Two will be auctioned off at a community event in the next few weeks.

Funds raised for the zoo though this process will go back to Sumatra, to help construct tiger-proof livestock areas and other programs to reduce agricultural conflicts and poaching.

Here is video of the cubs, click here.

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