Topeks animal shelter in desperate need of cat adoptions

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Too many cats!  That’s the problem at the “Helping Hands” shelter in Topeka where an overflow of cats and kittens is causing a housing crunch. In a facility normally designed for about 400 spaces for both cats and dogs – the shelter now has about 350 cats and kittens in residence.

The best way to start preventing this problem from continuing is to “Definitely spay and neuter your animals. We are seeing a lot of cats with kittens or kittens that are very young without moms coming through our doors right now. So trying to get those cats that are out there in the community neutered would be a start,” says Margaret Price, Director of Animal Welfare/Foster Coordinator.

This “explosion” – if you will – in the population has shelter managers looking for some qualified families.

“I mean we do get our kittens adopted, we’re looking at those adult cats and you know they didn’t ask to come here, they didn’t ask to be brought here, they didn’t ask to be here, someone brought them in,” says Price. “We are looking for people out there who really want a companion, a four legged friend, who doesn’t take as much work as a dog…to really consider adopting a cat.”

So far this summer the shelter has brought in more than 15-hundred dogs and cats – all looking for a good home. If you are looking for a pet CLICK HERE find all the contact information.

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