Skin Care Review: Summertime means sunscreen

Deep into the throes of summer, choosing the right sunscreen is crucial. Check out these reviews of five all-natural products to help you choose the right sunscreen for you and your family.

Wamego Fireworks

Fourth of July fun in Wamego

Join more than 15,000 people in Wamego on Thursday for its all-day carnival, parade and fireworks extravaganza at the Wamego Recreational Complex.…

Chicago blues man stops in Topeka

Australian-born and brought to America by legendary Buddy Guy, catch blues musician Michael Charles and his crew tomorrow night at Uncle Bo's at the downtown Ramada in Topeka.…
Does it Work- Oster My Blend

Does it Work- Oster My Blend

It’s the personal pan pizza of the blender world, and it promises to make a to-go smoothie for one in seconds. Kansas First News anchor Hillary Mullin tests out th……

Fashion Fix: Wear white with confidence

Sometimes the idea of wearing white clothes can be daunting. Just consider the myriad of questions: Can anyone wear white? How do I keep my whites white? The list goes on.

Famous Kansans head home

Famous Kansans head home

The third annual Kansas Hall of Fame laureate induction ceremony is Friday, June 21st at White Concert Hall. …
Does it Work - Bananza Banana Slicer

Does it Work – Bananza Banana Slicer

Slice a banana in seconds without using a knife. The Bananza promises to cut even pieces in one quick motion. Kansas First News anchor Hillary Mullin puts it to the test.……
Lecompton Territorial Days

Lecompton Territorial Days

Visit the original capital city of Kansas at this weekend carnival and festival that celebrates Kansas history in the 1800s.…

Happy Hour | Bourbon 101: Tasting Tips

Bourbon isn’t always the first drink on everyone’s list – sometimes strong, definite higher alcohol content. Still, it’s a truly undiscovered world of flavor, layers and notably wonderful cosmos of deliciousness.

Product review: Importance of skin care

It’s never too early to start a skin care regimen. First in a series of down-to-earth skin care reviews to help you battle off fine lines and wrinkles everyday life can bring.

Does it Work - Hot Buns

Does it Work – Hot Buns

Coil your coiff into a perfect ballerina bun, without using a single hair pin. Hot Buns promises to make a beautiful bun in under a minute with just a roll, snap and wrap. K……